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WinRAR MaintenanceWinRAR Maintenance
The WinRAR Annual Maintenance Package (WAMP) includes:
  • Annual Premium Support. All your WinRAR support related questions will be prioritised by us for 12 months from date of purchase or renewal.
  • Upgrade Assurance. You will be supporting WinRAR's continuous improvements so that during each years subscription you can always get the latest version.
  • Lost Key Support. On receipt of your WinRAR lost key request we will email it to you as quickly as possible.
  • Renewal. You will be advised by email before your annual WinRAR Maintenance Package is due for renewal.
The WinRAR Annual Maintenance Service package is available for all multi license users, both new and existing. Although optional, its benefits are highly recommended for all WinRAR multi licence customers who need to keep their future costs in line. It also ensures that you keep the advantage of your current lower per unit price for future WinRAR license extensions. WAMP is based on just 15% of your current unit license amount and is renewable on an annual basis.

Click here to request your customised quote on the form at the bottom of that page. Please provide your company / organisation details and the number of WinRAR licenses you already have, or require.

WinRAR WAMP Maintenance discounts

You must purchase the minimum quantity (left column) that matches the total number of your WinRAR licenses to qualify for the discounted price per unit in that row.

Qty. Unit Price You Save
 1  US$4.35  0%
 2 to 9  US$3.15  28%
 10 to 24  US$2.40  45%
 25 to 49  US$1.95  55%
 50 to 99  US$1.50  66%
 100 to 199  US$1.20  72%
 200 to 499  US$1.05  76%
 500 to 999  US$0,90  79%

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