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RAR for AndroidRAR for Android

RAR for Android 5.20

RAR for Android 5.00 was first released February 2014, and is regularly updated.
Installs of this app are now approaching
 close to 50 million.
It's free to download and use for Android 4+ users!

WinRAR New Zealand, in association with RARLAB.com and win.rar GmbH  are very proud to present to you the first, free, Android all-in-one RAR application. Marking yet another another step forward for the most advanced, efficient and complete archiving and compression software available in the market.
We can now offer you compression software solutions for all Windows based systems with WinRAR; a command line version RAR for Linux, FreeBSD and MAC OS X, and now, our RAR for Android 4+ application.

With this app we have opened a new horizon for the millions of people that use Android based devices.  This is the complete, all-in-one answer for Android users who want a fast, easy to use compressing, archiving and extracting management app which also doubles as a simple file manager!
RAR for Android is now ready for you at the Google Play store where it needs to be downloaded by your Android device*.

In order to cover ongoing development costs, a limited level of advertising has become a necessity, so permission for ads is required for the free version. But you can pay a small fee from the options menu to disable these ads.

RAR for Android


RARLAB's RAR for Android is the only all-in-one, simple, easy and quick compression program, archiver, assistant, extractor, manager plus basic file explorer.

RAR for Android creates RAR and ZIP archives as well as unpacking RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO and ARJ archives.

The list of functions include; a repair command for damaged ZIP and RAR files, benchmark function compatible with RARLAB's WinRAR benchmark, recovery record, normal and recovery volumes, encryption, solid archives, plus to increase data compression speed it will utilize multiple CPU cores to compress data, where available.

Additionally, for standard ZIP files, the unzip function supports ZIP and ZIPX with BZIP2, LZMA and PPMd compression, and also creates password protected ZIP files.

Being a RAR product it of course utilises its own proprietary built-in UnRAR command for all RAR5 and RAR files, multi-part files and password protected files.

What's New - for the very latest update news, go to the Google Play store

RAR for Android 5.20 build 29 updated March 4, 2015 now includes: 

- A new "Paths" section in settings now includes default extraction path and extraction history. The start-up folder was also moved to this section. Press the "Destination folder" button in the extraction dialog to select from the list with history and other proposed paths.

- A limited level of advertising is displayed on the free version so RAR requests access permissions for network, viewing network connections and billing, to display or disable ads. For a small fee the options menu allows you to disable them.

RAR for Android 5.10 build 24 updated August 3, 2014 now includes: 

- Lower memory requirements for .7z decompression. So it is now possible to
  unpack .7z archives larger than available random access memory.

- RAR now prevents Android from sleeping while the archiving or extracting
  command is working and the RAR window is visible.

Previous update builds include:

- RAR archiving and extracting can be easily done using third party file
  managers' "Share" or "Send" commands by sending files to RAR to compress,
  or sending a single archive to extract, RAR will automatically close after
  processing those files;

- the context menu "Copy" command also places the file names on the system
  clipboard in text format, so they can then be pasted into your text editor;

- for a single file, the "Info" command also displays the full pathname at the
  top of the dialog. You can then use a long press  to copy it to the clipboard;

- minor graphics update.

Size:                          3.1MB
Installs:                      5,000,000 - 10,000,000
Current Version:        5.10.build 24
Requires Android:     4.0 and up
5 Star Reviews:         88,076
This information last updated 17 September, 2014)

Highlights of the initial RAR for Android 5.10 release are:

a. RAR for Android 5.10 provides you with the complete RAR app with which you can create RAR5 and ZIP archives and decompress the most common compression formats, such as .RAR, .RAR5, .ZIP, .TAR, .GZ, .BZ2, .XZ, .7z, .ISO and .ARJ files.

b. RAR for Android includes many options that are already well known in the desktop version, such as solid RAR archiving for better compression, deleting archived files, generating archive names by mask, creating volumes and recovery volumes, adding recovery records, using compression profiles, adding files to separate archives, unpacking multiple selected archives at once, and encrypting not only file data, but also file names. Plus, where they are available it also utilises multiple CPU cores when compressing your data.

c. The RAR archive format supports a special kind of redundant information known as recovery records. When an archive has been created with a recovery record, it can be repaired even after having been damaged due to a defect or data loss. RAR for Android is the first and only compression app in the market to offer the RAR and ZIP repair command features.

d. The app provides basic file management commands through the context menu and toolbar, such as 'cut', 'copy', 'delete', 'rename' and 'create folder' operations. So it can also be used as a simple file manager as well.

e. The clear and straightforward interface combines separate folder navigation and user-friendly file selection modes for your convenience. Opening a folder works intuitively by touching the folder name, and folder selection works by tagging the provided check-boxes.

How can you get the latest version for your Android based tablet, netbook, smartphone, mini PC, all-in-one PC, slatebook or one of the many recent e-readers such as Kindle Fire HD & Kindle HDX? 

Well, it couldn't be any simpler! Just click here: RAR for Android and it will take you to the Google Play store, where you click on their green Install button to start the installation on your Android device.

Not sure if your device runs Android? Click here to go to the continuously updated Wikipedia Android Comparison site.

Do be aware that RAR for Android is only available for Android versions starting at 4.0.
*If below the green Install button you see "This app is incompatible with your device", it's advising you that you must download and install it from a compatible Android device. For instance you cannot download it with a Windows based computer.

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