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About WinRAR & RARAbout WinRAR & RAR
WinRARWinRAR, the size solution!

WinRAR is available in both 64 bit and 32 bit Windows versions of the .RAR archiver - a powerful utility which allows you to create, manage and control archived (compressed) files, and much more. 

WinRAR provides: 
very strong general and multimedia compression, 
solid compression with RAR 5.0 Archive format, settable as default,

archive protection from damage,
processing of ZIP and most other non-RAR archives,
scanning archives for viruses,
programmable self-extracting archives (SFX),
NTFS and Unicode support,
very strong AES-256 (BLAKE2sp) or CRC32 encryption,
support of multivolume archives,
master password protection,
password organiser,

command line or graphical interface,
drag-and-drop facility,
wizard interface,
GUI theme support,
Windows x64 shell integration,
full Windows 10 and backwards compatibility with earlier Windows versions,
64 bit and 32 bit versions,
WinRAR is also available in over 40 different languages. 

There are five
 Windows (WinRAR) versions of RAR:
as a Graphical user interface for Windows 64 bit and 32 bit,
plus 3 older (discontinued) 32 bit GUI's for WinRAR Unplugged (for USB drives), WinRAR for U3 (Smart drives), and Pocket RAR (the free version for Pocket PC's).

There are Ten versions of RAR
As a 
Graphical user interface for Android 4.0 & later more info
As a Command line console (text mode) 64 bit or 32 bit for; Windows, Mac (OS X) RAR, Linux RAR, and 32 bit only for; DOS RAR more info, OS/2 RAR and FreeBSD RAR.

Click here to download the latest WinRAR and all versions of RAR.

WinRAR / RAR features
  • Complete support for .RAR and .ZIP archive files;
  • Highly sophisticated, original compression algorithm;
  • Special algorithms optimized for text, audio, graphics, 32bit & 64bit Intel executables compression;
  • Shell interface including drag-and-drop facilities and wizard;
  • Command line interface;
  • Non RAR archives (CAB, ARJ, LZ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ZIP, ZIPX, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, XZ, 001 and seversl ZIPX types) management;
  • Solid archiving, which can raise the compression ratio by 10% - 50% over more common methods, particularly when packing a large number of small, similar files;
  • Multivolume archives;
  • Creation of self-extracting and/or multivolume archives using the default (or optional) built-in modules;
  • Recovering physically damaged archives;
  • Recovery volumes allow reconstruction of missing/corrupted parts of multivolume archives; 
  • Support for Unicode file names;
  • Plus many other service functions, including encryption, backup, archive comments, error logging, etc.
For more details on WinRAR features and it's benefits for you, click here.

WinRAR / RAR limitations
The number of files, which can be added to an archive, depends upon the amount of available memory and the length of file names. Roughly 128 bytes of memory are required per archived file for RAR archive. For example, it is recommended to have at least 128 MB of available RAM if you are going to archive million of files. WinRAR has been tested to handle over 1 million files.

The size of a RAR archive, as well as the size of any single file within a RAR archive, is limited to 8,589,934,591 GB (that's 9,223,372,036,854,775,807 bytes!). Note that to create archives larger than 4 GB, you need to use NTFS, as older file systems do not support such large files.

The size of a ZIP archive, as well as the size of any single file within a ZIP archive, is of course limited to 2 GB. Click here for a more detailed comparison.

In general the RAR archive format is much better optimized for heavy tasks involving huge numbers of files and gigabytes of disk space.

Why register WinRAR? 

These are your benefits when buying a WinRAR license:Buy Now!

You can continue to use WinRAR LEGALLY 
You may use WinRAR in commercial and other environments. As stated in our license text (License.txt is included with every download), and as is common practice in shareware, you are welcome to freely test this utility software for up to 40 days by using our WinRAR free download service. If you like the software and want to keep using it, you are then required to purchase a license in order to keep using the software legally.

Additional Security 
With your WinRAR License you will be able to sign archives with your personal  Authenticity Verification Code. Your AV Code name, plus last update time and archive name, is included in every new and updated archive. The main advantage of this authenticity verification code is the uniqueness and security strength of your registration code and thus it's use as a means of identification of the origin of a sealed archive.
 Your AV code also a great way to advertise your name, business or company name to all your archive users!

WinRAR Updates. 

Purchasing your WinRAR license entitles you to legally download and use future WinRAR or RAR releases that include all the latest features. WinRAR is under continuous development, implementing new technologies and adding customer requested features. As new and improved versions become available, our customer service includes sending you an email newsletter so that you do not have to check back regularly for updstes. 
Best of all, by registering you are encouraging the author, Eugene Roschal to further develop and improve WinRAR, making new releases possible, without business licenses this would not be possible.

Licensed Users Support. 
WinRAR users, especially those who who purchase their license through winrar.co.nz, are welcome to contact our support site 
when they need their free support. There you will need to click on the
 Register  icon at the top to sign up (for free) as a member; you will then be able to add your support request on our WinRAR How To Q & A Forum, plus add your own comments to the Blog posts.

Registration procedure

After you purchase your RAR or WinRAR registration we do our very best to send your registration key file to your e-mail address well within one working day of receiving your registration details and payment. Your key will be registered to the AV registration code you provide on the Checkout page. Do not use a password in your code as it can appear on all your .RAR filesMore...

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