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Windows 10?
Yes! WinRAR
 is compatible! 


The next RAR online Training Course starts again soon!

Experience the RAR Command Line Secrets Course!

This video based course is designed for WinRAR users to learn how to best use 

 the advanced functions inside RAR's 'hidden' commands Line in just 6 lessons. 

 During this video course you will learn to control the many RAR functions with
Windows commands, batch files and PowerShell to create your own mini-apps.

Looking for the fastestmost efficient and cost effective Windows® based compression program

WinRAR is regarded world-wide as the most efficient
 for compressing, archiving and  encrypting
 files and 
folders for saving, uploading, downloading
and emailing.
WinRAR also features a wide range of integrated backup settings, commands and options.
Not only does WinRAR save disk space, its advanced encryption ensures your
files stay private, it can also provide archive damage protection.

Download WinRAR + RAR for 64 bit, or for the older 32 bit, processors.
If you are not sure which processor you are using, y
ou can quickly find out here.
We strongly recommend installing the 64 bit version whenever possible due to
it's highly improved performance and capabilities over the 32 bit version. 
WinRAR 64 bit is of course fully compatible with Windows 10.  

Compress, Package, Encrypt & Backup with just one advanced utility!

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WinRAR licenses are valid for any available operating system.

WinRAR multi licences can be "mix & matched" across the operating systems.

Private users: you only need one WinRAR single license for all your home computers.

For new orders - you will need to download the correct version for your Operating System

Before ordering please refer to our WinRAR license refund policy.

Availability: your WinRAR license key is usually delivered by email well within one working day of your payment being received.

Downloading and using the trial WinRAR & RAR is free of charge for up to 40 days


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